What Is Work Camping and Should You Do It?

One of the biggest challenges to full-time or extended part-time RVing is finding a way to earn money on the road. Though working remotely for the same employer is a great way to gain stability, it’s not possible for many RVers. But luckily, there’s another option: work camping. Here’s what you need to know about this unique way to support yourself on the road.

What Is Work Camping?
Work camping lets RVers work in exchange for pay, a free campsite, or a combination of the two at different campgrounds and RV resorts across the country. These opportunities are available at national campground chains like KOA and ThousandTrails as well as small mom-and-pop RV parks. You can even find some work camping jobs with the Forest Service and Bueau of Land Management (BLM), but those roles typically fill fast. 

Most resorts and campgrounds expect you to have your own RV. They’ll just provide a place for you to park while you work. 

In some locations, you may be the only work camper on staff. But in others, most of the RV park will be staffed by people doing the exact same thing as you. This can create a great sense of community and help you build relationships with other RVers that you otherwise may not meet.

What Types of Jobs Will You Do?
The exact type of work you’ll do will depend on the needs of the RV park or campground. Some hire work campers to manage maintenance of the park. Others hire mostly for customer service positions. If you’re particularly skilled in one area, be sure to look for openings that fit your skillset. Don’t worry—most RV parks and campgrounds will tell you what types of work you’ll be responsible for in the job listing. 

Who Is Work Camping For?
Work camping can be a great fit for RVers who want to work while they’re traveling but don’t have easy access to a remote job. The work is relatively simple and many of the skills can be learned on the job. That said, you should be able to perform basic physical tasks like moving at least 25 pounds unassisted and standing for hours at a time. 

How Long Do These Jobs Last?
The length of the job depends on the resort and the agreement you come to with the campground. Some positions can last for just a few months while others can last for several years. Again, most RV parks will post the length of the contract in their job postings online, but if you find a place you know you love, you can always ask to extend your agreement. Some parks may be willing to let work campers stay even during the off season.

Make Sure You Have a Place to Park During Off-Season
If you’re like many RVers, you only want to travel and work camp when the weather is great. Make sure you have a safe place to keep your RV when you’re not on the road. At goHomePort, we have a variety of storage options to fit your needs. Reserve your spot online today.
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